Bill of Quantities

Magnitude's Bill of Quantities division boasts a wealth of expertise in crafting Bills of Quantities (BoQs), collaborating with leading national contractors on a wide array of projects.

These projects span across diverse sectors, with values ranging from £1 million to in excess of £200 million. Our proficiency extends to a variety of schemes, from intricate civil engineering works to expansive residential developments. Our offerings are bespoke, ensuring alignment with client requirements, whether they adhere to the Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7), New Rules of Measurement (NRM2), or a customised Schedule of Works.

Recognising the constraints of time in the tendering process, we utilise industry leading software such as CostX and Bluebeam. These tools enhance our capability to deliver precise and verifiable data, thereby reducing uncertainties and streamlining the process to accommodate changes efficiently.


We believe that effective communication is crucial to the success of the BoQ and Tender process. To this end, we proactively issue requests for information (RFIs) and ensure that each project is supported by a dedicated Magnitude contact, providing consistent and personalised guidance throughout the entire process.

Typical Services:

  • Comprehensive measurement and preparation of BoQs.
  • Adherence to various standards such as SMM7, NRM2, or bespoke schedules.
  • Utilisation of advanced software like CostX and Bluebeam for accurate quantification.
  • Assistance with the tendering process through the provision of BoQs.
  • Proactive issuance of Requests for Information (RFIs) to clarify project details.
  • Continuous communication and support throughout the tender process.
  • Evaluation and adjustment of BoQs in response to project changes and variations.
  • Coordination with contractors, architects, and engineers to ensure comprehensive coverage.