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Professional Quantity Surveying Services


Professional Quantity Surveying is the cornerstone of Magnitude’s business. The company proudly offers traditional quantity surveying services throughout the project lifecycle to private clients, businesses and developers alike.

Magnitude’s experience on having delivered over £500m worth of private quantity surveying services through numerous contracts and sectors allows them to provide live, concise and effective costing advice which bring significant value to each project we work on.

PQS services operate throughout a project and play a crucial role in providing value and monitoring costs from the commencement of construction to the final account. Magnitude delivers on these targets by carrying out detailed, market tested cost planning and estimating, offering first hand and practical procurement advice and producing essential post contract services such as interim valuations, cost reporting and final account settlement.

- Cost Planning
- Procurement
- Tendering
- Contract Placement
- Valuations
- Change Control
- Cost Reporting
- Final Account