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Fund & Bank Monitoring


At Magnitude we have professionally qualified people who are active in providing expert advice working to the individual needs of each individual lender.

Our process starts with an initial report, which is a detailed due diligence procedure to identify key project risks. Those risks may be, but not limited to, anticipated project construction costs, planning implications, relevant insurances, contractual and payment arrangements and construction programmes. Multi-disciplined practices such as ours are able to provide factual information to assist in resolving these pre-commencement risks.

Once funding is approved and construction starts on site, our team visit regularly to oversee the project and issue interim reports which monitor progress and comments on key factors such as construction programme, ensuring that contract requirements are being met, advising on all statutory matters, alongside the certification of drawdown payments. If problems occur, our team will not only immediately notify the funder but also provide multiple mitigation options.

Our reports are strategically assembled including a main dashboard which identifies the key construction factors, providing the reader with the most efficient way of reviewing the project detail.

What to look for in a Monitoring Surveyor?

- Excellent communication skills
- A deep understanding of the construction process
- In-depth knowledge of Procurement and Construction Contracts
- The ability to de-risk a project for a fund from the earliest stages
- The ability to identify risk and advise on how to mitigate them
- Understanding different funding models
- Good technical skills
- Experience