Contractor’s Commercial Support

Magnitude provides Contractor's Commercial Support with a focus on practicality and professionalism.

Our service encompasses essential elements such as cost control, ensuring that projects remain within budget while facilitating informed decision-making. We handle the submission of valuations with accuracy and efficiency, maintaining stable cash flow for the project.

Our approach to variation and change control is systematic, keeping project alterations in check to prevent financial overruns. At Magnitude, our expertise in Contractor’s Commercial Support extends to the intricate processes of contractual claims, including extensions of time and loss and expense. We proficiently represent our clients in negotiations to secure justified adjustments, ensuring that the impacts of project delays are properly acknowledged in both time extensions and associated costs. Our commitment is to advocate for our clients’ interests, providing them with the necessary professional support to effectively manage and assert their contractual rights.

Contractual matters are managed with a detailed understanding of industry standards, providing clients with reliable advice that safeguards their commercial position. This extends to supply chain management, where we negotiate and finalise sub-contract agreements that mitigate risk and offer protection for the Main Contractor.

Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we aim to deliver value by ensuring that every commercial aspect of a project is carefully controlled and strategically managed. Our direct and professional support is tailored to uphold the commercial success of our clients’ projects.

Typical Services:

  • Board level advice
  • Cost Control
  • Valuation Submissions
  • Variation and Change Control
  • Negotiation of Extension of Time Claims
  • Contractual Advice
  • Sub-Contract Agreement Organisation
  • Loss and Expense Claims
  • Risk Management
  • Final Account Settlement
  • Commercial Strategy Development